Competition Rules

Competition Area

Referee and Participant Clothings in Competitions

Referees Formal Clothing

The clothing oif referees must be formal with the following specifications:

Participants Clothing in Competitions

Organization of Competitions

How to participate in team competitions

Number of Referees

Head Referee Duties

Deputy Referee Duties

If referee are not present in competition for any reason, all of his/her duties must be done by Deputy Referee.

Side Referee Duties

Time Keeper Duties

Recorder Duties

Recording the referees score sheet and record it in the competition table.

Speakers Duty

Match Time

Match duration is 2 minutes which the participants must do the techniques slowly and fast. Each team do more techniques, succeed and get more scores.

Implementation skills competition

How to Run the Race

Note: Participants can position 2 people against many but 1 points give the lower than other.


Half Points: Self defense techniques at the acrobatics performance (Like the opening leg of the 180°, Turntables, Beautiful Jumps, ...)

No Scores



Personal Arts and Arme Blanche Referee Table of Personal Arts Competitions

City Provice Date No.

Name and Family Name 5 points 6 points Errors Total Points Descriptions

Name & Sign of Referee

Personal Arts and Arme Blanche Table of Referee's Total Points

Name of Winner Age Group Date No.

Result SR 4 SR 3 SR 2 SR 1 Errors

Head Referee Sign